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What’s the weekly schedule? Who’s here with me? What’s going on in Lisbon? What’s there to do on weekends? If you’ve asked yourself any of the questions above, keep reading to learn about what a typical week in Lisbon looks like. Living, working, and playing in a new city can be an adjustment, so here’s the weekly roadmap we prepared for you!

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Staying Happy, Healthy & Productive While Having FUN!

Success on the road means different things to different people, but to us at NomadX, it means being happy, healthy, and productive while having FUN!

Mornings: Your Time

If we don’t set aside time to invest in ourselves, we’ll always “get around to it” —  which really means that it will never happen. We tackle this head on and do it before anything else. We believe in: reading, writing, meditating, working out, learning something new, doing yoga, and so much more. Don’t hesitate to ask others to grab coffee, read a book together, or work out. We also have connections to the top gyms and yoga studios across town. Let us know if you’d like any help finding the best one for you.

Weekdays, 10am — 6pm: Unofficial Work Hours

Staying productive on the road is a challenge. We understand that it can be almost impossible while traveling, but keeping a consistent work schedule is critical.Structure and mutual accountability keep us on track to produce great work from anywhere. We will plan to be in the office from 10am to 6pm each day so feel free to join us to keep your work on track!

Having Fun, Networking & Socializing

When you enter a new city, you should have a social infrastructure that empowers you to meet other professionals who both share similar interests and have perspectives from all around the world. There’s no excuse for sitting at home alone without a community. If you believe that you’re the average of the five people around you, this is the group that will push you to new heights.

Monday: Miradors Meetup

We welcome remote employees, freelancers, digital nomads, and location independent entrepreneurs to join us for an evening with unbeatable views, dinner, cocktails, and company. Come meet people, see new parts of the city, and network with others who are looking to be part of a global community. This is the time to meet lots of new people at the beginning of the week without worrying about when, where, or how.

Tuesday: Family Dinner

Each week, we’ll have a family-style dinner at different restaurants that are locals’ favorites. In addition to eating great food, we hold each other accountable and push ourselves to be the best we can. After casually chatting and eating some appetizers, we’ll go around the table and have people share answers to 3 questions: 1) What did you do this past week?; 2) What are you struggling with the most right now?; and, 3) What are your plans for this week?We talk honestly and find ways to help each other, make plans together, and share “insider secrets” for what’s going on in the city.

Wednesday: EIR Workshop

We feature world-class founders and CEOs to share their experiences and expertise in a weekly workshop that provides value and actionable advice. We create dynamic discussions with our participants that lead to new business ideas, career advancement, and personal development. EIRs host workshops centered around their areas of expertise. Examples of future workshops include: RaisingCapital, Making an Exit, Launching Viral Media, and Finding a Work-LifeBalance — just to name a few.

Thursday: Immersive Cultural Experience

The logistics of traveling the world are easy in comparison to finding an inspiring, collaborative community that pushes you both personally and professionally. While Wednesdays are dedicated solely to professional development, Thursday evenings are for one thing: having authentic, immersive experiences in a new culture.

Friday: TGIF Social

After a long week at work, it’s time to rest, relax, and recharge — unless you want to go out. Have a cocktail with others at the coworking space from 5 until 7, then meet other people from, literally, allover the world. Friday night events are open to anyone traveling through or living in the city. We’re here to swap travel stories, share unique perspectives, and make plans for our next experience. The larger group naturally breaks into smaller groups that have dinner and take on the night.

Exploring on the Weekends

When we decide it’s time to stop working, we stop working altogether, unplug completely, and enjoy the wonderful world in front of us. Weekends are made for having fun, exploring, and knocking items off the bucket list.

Visit our events calendar to see what’s going on in the area. Between concerts, events, and local beaches, there’s more than enough to keep you busy. If you’d like to take surf lessons, just let us know.You can also check out this guide to the local surfing hotspots. For the beach-goers, here’s a map with more than 15 beaches in the area!

Lagos, Porto, and Fatima are all close and make for the perfect weekend getaway. Use Rome2Rio to check prices for buses, trains, and planes all at once!

There are day trips and tours, although you can often save money by going with a group and bypassing the tour company. Lisbon Explorers is a great group to find inexpensive events with others in the area.

Whether planning a trip, purchasing tickets, or finding some inspiration, we’re always here to help in any way possible.

Attending Events at Second Home

For those who choose to work at Second Home, there are weekly activities and events focused on building the best community possible. In their words, “Everything we do is designed to help unlock creativity and and productivity — from our architecture and curated community, through to our education and cultural programming.”

Members will receive a weekly email and calendar of events, although their book, yoga, running, and surf clubs meet regularly. Here’s a recent “Weekly Programme.”

To encourage collaboration between members, there’s a weekly “Collide and Connect”event on Fridays at 5pm. Come have a glass of wine, meet others, make plans for dinner, and enjoy the dance party.

Finding Other Opportunities

Even though our weekly events are diverse, it’s also important to get out and meet others, find fun things to do, and try something new. Be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone.

Adrenaline Rushes

If there’s enough interest each week, we’ll have groups that skydive, tour Lisbon by helicopter, and take surf lessons together. You’ll receive a survey soon where you can express interest in these activities.

Events Calendar

Check out our events calendar and exhibitions list to quickly see what’s going on around the city. We’ve aggregated as much as we can find from the web into one place.

Other Resources

Facebook Events

Airbnb Experiences

Virtual Guidebook

We’ve been working hard to prepare the best possible virtual guide to Lisbon, although it’s still a work in progress. We’re vetting places personally, receiving recommendations from locals, and getting feedback from digital nomads coming through town. We’ll have a copy ready for you when you arrive. There’s an entire section devoted to “things to do” in the area, so when combined with events that we’re hosting and activities going on this summer in Lisbon, there’s no excuse for having a dull moment!

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