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It’s possible to live in paradise. This is Cabo Verde. A country of ten beautiful islands where you can enjoy the African culture, water sports, and community while doing your best work from one of our coworking spaces. Live music is everywhere, as is untouched nature, incredible fish, and yes… you can swim with the sea turtles every day.


Craving warm weather, bright sun, and the amazing natural beauty of Cabo Verde as the perfect setting for your remote work? You are invited to get close to the vibrant culture and discover the unforgettable places the country offers. The bonus? Remote workers in Cabo Verde are exempt from income tax.

Community & activities

The digital nomad communities in Cabo Verde are plentiful. Take this chance to travel, learn about other cultures, breathe the fresh air of a new place, and learn from the fast-growing digital nomad communities here. Live near and connect to local people as well as meeting other traveling professionals who are working remotely from Cabo Verde.



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Words from our community members
Aga, Graphic Designer
joined community in 02/2021
from Warsaw, Poland
"The vibe is simple - let’s do amazing stuff together. And as we all know, once you start the effect of the snowball, it is very hard to stop it. But hey, nobody wants to stop, right? Join community, pick the destination, book one way ticket, choose accommodation and prepare to the best thing that will happen to you!"
Karo, UX Designer
joined community in 11/2021
from Berlin, Germany
"What actually blew my mind when I joined the community was, how incredible of an hub it was for me to find new ideas, inspirations, and of course people to make those ideas happen. And the places? Oh my god, these are just stunning."

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