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Perfect for those who seek ocean while being only 20 minutes away from Lisbon.
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Nature & beach
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Perfect for those who seek the ocean while still being only 20 minutes away from Lisbon. Caparica has a relaxed lifestyle with incredible sunsets every day, perfect waves to surf, fresh food, high quality accommodations, fast internet, and an outstanding local community. It’s the ideal spot for a new community of digital nomads on the rise.


Work in comfort with dedicated focus zones and comfortable office chairs, or choose a balcony spot with a front seat to the ocean. If you’re building a team or looking for space to run a workshop, we have multiple private offices and rooms available to book. We have several cowork spaces throughout the city so you can choose the right fit for your productivity and goals.

Community & activities

Digital Nomads Caparica is a community where different cultures connect. Here is where life balance, entrepreneurship, culture and hospitality become one in a unique and original lifestyle.

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Words from our community members
Aga, Graphic Designer
joined community in 02/2021
from Warsaw, Poland
"The vibe is simple - let’s do amazing stuff together. And as we all know, once you start the effect of the snowball, it is very hard to stop it. But hey, nobody wants to stop, right? Join community, pick the destination, book one way ticket, choose accommodation and prepare to the best thing that will happen to you!"
Karo, UX Designer
joined community in 11/2021
from Berlin, Germany
"What actually blew my mind when I joined the community was, how incredible of an hub it was for me to find new ideas, inspirations, and of course people to make those ideas happen. And the places? Oh my god, these are just stunning."

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