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Villages are the best places to live. Villages are all about community, human connection, help in each other and rising together to transform our home in a perfect place. The concept of the Nomad Village is all that and much more.

We organize events every week, we connect you with the local community, with help local NGOs, we make sure we all have a positive impact in Pipa. Being part of the Nomad Village is being part of something bigger than yourself, it’s being part of a truly united community, a place you can call home.


We have a network of working spaces all around town. While we don’t have yet a centre for all the community to work from, our decentralised approach will make sure you connect with more people and never get bored.

Monday you can work from a beach club, Tuesday from a hotel poolside and Wednesday on a beautiful café with the best snack. All with strong internet and ready to welcome you. The list of working spaces is being constantly updated on our Discord community.

Community & activities

Nomads don’t travel between destinations, we travel between communities.  

Creating a strong community is the core of what we do.

Pipa is one of the top brazilian surf destinations with the best wave for longboard in South America! Not your vibe? No problem! We have quad bikes, capoeira, crossfit, yoga, altinha (typical Brazilian beach game) and so much more that we are sure you will never get bored.

Besides all the sports we have weekly community activities like the community dinner, workshops and sunset meetups.

The hard part is to chose where to go.



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Words from our community members
Aga, Graphic Designer
joined community in 02/2021
from Warsaw, Poland
"The vibe is simple - let’s do amazing stuff together. And as we all know, once you start the effect of the snowball, it is very hard to stop it. But hey, nobody wants to stop, right? Join community, pick the destination, book one way ticket, choose accommodation and prepare to the best thing that will happen to you!"
Karo, UX Designer
joined community in 11/2021
from Berlin, Germany
"What actually blew my mind when I joined the community was, how incredible of an hub it was for me to find new ideas, inspirations, and of course people to make those ideas happen. And the places? Oh my god, these are just stunning."

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