We are launching a new Digital Nomad Village in Brazil!

We are super excited to announce our first Nomad Village in South America, more specifically in one of the most beautiful villages in Brazil, Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte State. The official launch date of the project is the 1st of November, until then we will be preparing everything to welcome our community.

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We are Launching a New Digital Nomad Village in Brazil! And it’s a paradise.

It took months of research to find the perfect location for our first nomad village in Brazil but we are absolutely in-love with Pipa potential and the Nordeste region to welcome digital nomads from all over the world. 

Why Pipa for the first nomad village in Brazil?

Pipa combines a lot of incredible things, we love:

  • Fast internet connection with different providers (+600mb available)
  • Safe location
  • Small hippie village vibe
  • Lots of good restaurants 
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Good accommodation options all around the village
  • Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world 
  • Surf, crossfit, capoeira and other sports 
  • Easiness to arrive from Natal airport
  • Daily dolphin show at Baia dos Golfinhos :) 

Our mission is to help Pipa becoming a digital nomad hotspot by preparing the infrastructure and local community to welcome nomads, from coworking spaces, coliving, accommodation, cafés, tourism activities, volunteering partnerships, and so much more. 

We will organize workshops for the local businesses so they can adapt to this new market and get the most out of it while providing services that all nomads need in the places where we live. 

From the 1st of November Pipa will welcome the nomad community from all over the world, we will have daily events, weekend trips, working spaces, weekly parties and much more. 

This project is inspired by our first project in Madeira, the nomad village in Ponta do Sol, that brought more than 30 Million Euros to the local economy just in the first year of the project. We expect a similar impact in Pipa and then grow to other locations all around Brazil. 

We are partnering with Embratur, the state of RN and the municipality of Tibau to Sul to make this project a success. It has been a pleasure to coordinate with the different political forces who are really motivated to make this project a big success to the country. 

You can register on our website to have access to all the information and our online community, the website is being developed with the new brand under “digital nomads brazil” and will be launched in early September.


Madeira, Caparica, Brazil or Cabo Verde, if you are looking for good nomad communities with events and like minded people NomadX is building it for us, the nomad family. 

Will you join us in Pipa? 

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