Can Nomads show the world the positive impact we seek to make?

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For years now we have been speaking about how digital nomads can drive an incredible positive impact on the destinations they chose to stay and spend their time. 

More than speaking, NomadX has been applying it in their other communities like Madeira and Brazil. 

But we know we can do more. 

Digital Nomads can be the key factor when we speak about rebuilding a country's economy with global digital knowledge. 

What if… 

What if we could create a project where we helped nomads to have a positive local impact by giving their time and knowledge to NGOs in paradise destinations who really need their help? 

Cabo verde community.

Since we landed in Cabo Verde in August 2021 we saw the potential of this sunny island country on the African coast. We saw the natural beauty, the incredible weather, the strong African culture, the ocean fauna, the vibrant people. We also saw the struggles of NGOs, the challenges of developing a country without natural resources and the constant struggle to thrive. 

Education will be key for the future of Cabo Verde. 

So we decided to launch The Positive Impact Community Program” for Cabo Verde! 

What is it?

It’s your opportunity to help a country thrive on your extra time.

It’s your opportunity to have a real local experience in a safe African country.

It’s your opportunity to help the world with your knowledge and extra time. 

It’s our opportunity as a community to change the narrative about Digital Nomads. 

During 3 months we will be welcoming nomads from all over the world, we will be swimming with turtles in São Pedro, hiking in Santo Antão and we will be helping local NGOs while we do it. 

We partnered with several NGOs that need the help of our knowledge to grow and make a positive impact in this country.

 Some of the causes this NGOs support

 - Animal wellbeing and protection

 - Environment 

- Local economic and social development

 - Children support 

- Female entrepreneurship

I strongly believe that this project will be a massive success and the first of many, but to make it a reality we need the most important thing of all, we need you. We need our community to step in and help. 

From 600 euros per month you will have a room at the coliving space (own by an animal NGO), coworking space (owned by a local), an incredible community manager and a lot of local experiences.

This is our call to our community. 

Come and help us build a stronger community with positive impact in Cabo Verde. 

We are waiting for you to show the world the power of the Digital nomad tribe. 

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