7 things you need to look for In Digital Nomad rentals

What to Look for In a Digital Nomad Rental? There are a few key factors to look for in digital nomad rentals. Here’s what you need to know.

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It’s crucial to find a quality rental when you’re a digital nomad. After all, this will be your homebase — and possibly your workspace — for the foreseeable future.

But finding digital nomad rentals when you’ve never done it before can be a little daunting. What you supposed to be looking for, again? Don’t stress — we’ve got you covered.

Set your budget

Everyone has one, and everyone’s budget will be different. Figure out yours, what you’d ideally like to pay, and how high you’re willing to go if you find a place that’s really, really great. The longer you stay the better the rate you can expect to get vs paying short term touristic rates. So, we typically recommend staying a minimum of a month to several months per location. Also, keep in mind the cost of the area you select. Are you staying in a touristic area or in a neighborhood with locals. This will significantly impact prices for everyday items at the bars and restaurants.

Make sure there’s reliable Wi-Fi

It’s hard to be a working nomad if you can’t do your job from home. Sure, you could technically go to a local café for Internet, but that’s going to get really old, really fast if it’s your primary way of getting online. So, make sure you research the Wi-Fi speed of a rental you’re considering in advance. In general, a good Internet speed is at or above 20 Mbps.

Snag a location that’s right for you

Most digital nomads don’t have a car, which means you’re going to be relying on public transportation to get around. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you’re near a grocery store, public transit, and entertainment. If you really want to live someplace remote, that’s okay, too — just expect to shell out a little more to get around.

Visit the listing and meet the Host

If you’re eyeing a mid-term rental, it’s important to visit the listing and to meet the host before booking as this will be a place where you will be living for awhile. You want to make sure the listing and host match your expectations. By doing this, you’re guaranteed to get a real take on what the place, neighborhood and Host is like.Check the noise levels, will it offer a productive work space for you, proximity to public transport, grocery store, bars, restaurants, nearby parks, gyms and the overall vibe.

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Ask about what’s included

Some places will include utilities; others won’t. Also, find out about if there is a deposit and any other housing-related bills as they can vary wildly depending on where you’re staying. So, you’ll want to know the average costs of utilities before you signup for a place, if you’re expected to pay them. It’s important to find out all of this upfront so you don’t blow your budget.

Know what you need in advance

Do you need a place that has bedding and linens or are you okay with bringing your own? Do you need a washer and dryer on-site or are you okay with going to a local laundromat? This is surprisingly important — you don’t want to have to run around on your first day in your new rental, trying to snag stuff to make sure you’re not going to spend the night on a bare mattress.

Let someone else help you

There are midterm housing websites like NomadX that are created for nomads, by nomads vs always having to use expensive short term rental sites such as AirBNB, Booking.com or others. We understand what nomads need, are typically less than 50% the cost of an AirBNB and can help you find rentals that are designed for your lifestyle. We can also hook you up with hosts who appreciate and understand the nomad lifestyle.

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