5 ways to be a Digital Nomad now!

Everyone’s path to becoming a digital nomad is a little different. Here are a few ways to get your nomad journey started now and be a digital nomad.

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The idea of being a digital nomad sounds amazing. You can work from anywhere (including the beach!) and get paid while you explore different areas of the world.

Depending on the type of job you have, you might be able to become a working nomad immediately. For everyone else, it takes a little more career planning. Try one — or several — of these moves to get you on the right path.

Ask your boss if you can work remotely

More companies are becoming accepting of, and even welcoming, remote workers. If your job is mostly spent online anyway and your office is pretty forward-thinking, talk to your boss about the possibility of working remotely. If you know a full-on remote job won’t fly, you can also ask if you can largely work from “home” and have check-ins once a month or once a quarter. By the way: You’ll probably want to actually work from your place before venturing abroad, just to make sure this will well.

Start freelancing on the side

You have your own set of bankable skills, and you may be surprised just how much money you can earn outside of your usual day job. Career sites like Upwork, Remote.coFreelancer.com, and Indeed all have plenty of listings for freelancers — you can get started there.

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Study online

Still getting your education? There are plenty of great schools that offer online courses — you can travel while learning. Just keep in mind that you’ll still need some kind of income source to pay for your travels.

Consider becoming a virtual assistant

This is a great option if you’re new to the workforce or have a background in working as an assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can expect to do general administrative work that you don’t need to be in person for, like scheduling meetings, making reservations, booking travel, and organizing itineraries. You may also be able to work as an assistant for several people if you want to earn even more money.

Get a new remote job

Opportunities for remote jobs are growing, and some companies are 100 percent remote. If your boss isn’t okay with you going remote, try looking into other options on career sites like FlexJobs.

Once you get your career up to speed, your working nomad life can begin! Then, you’ll need to pick a country and, of course, housing. That’s where NomadX comes in. We can help you find affordable mid-term housing for coliving, apartments, or bedrooms for rent — whatever your preference you nPortugal which is the Digital Nomad capital of Europe!

The great part about becoming a digital nomad is that it can happen on your terms. You decide when (and where) you want to travel, and when it’s time to move on to the next spot. So, what are you waiting for?

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