5 top reasons every digital nomad should consider coliving

If you're looking for a place to call home on your next adventure, coliving might be the perfect option for you. Find out why in this article!

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As the world of work increasingly moves online, more and more people are finding that they can take their jobs -and houses- with them wherever they go. That's how co-living and coworking come in. 

Are we really stuck in offices and cities when there are options to explore the world instead while working? This question has created a new breed of worker - the digital nomad

All of us (digital nomads) are people who use technology to work remotely, often while traveling. And we know that while this lifestyle has many perks, it can also be quite isolating. 

Although I'm extroverted, I struggled greatly with isolation while traveling alone for extended periods. Yes, I met people, but the process was inconsistent - many were just vacationing, others were constantly moving, etc. 

However, when I found out about coliving, everything changed.

Trust me when I say that the benefits of coliving can make a significant difference for nomads.

But first things first...

A coliving space can also be a coworking
Coliving and coworking

What is co-living?

Coliving is a communal living arrangement where people share living space and sometimes workspace. Think of it as a housing arrangement where groups of individuals live together in a shared area and often share common interests or goals. 

It's becoming increasingly popular with digital nomads. As they constantly travel, they need a robust social circle -and it offers just that- a sense of community.  

We all know that an authentic support network can be hard to find when you're always on the move.

For digital nomads, a coliving space can offer several benefits that make it the perfect solution for finding a place to stay.

It can be cost-effective and flexible, and as mentioned above, it offers a sense of community and a support network. So, if you're looking for affordable housing and a modern form of traditional accommodation, coliving is worth considering.

5 reasons every digital nomad should consider coliving
5 reasons every digital nomad should consider coliving 

5 Reasons Every Digital Nomad Should Consider Coliving:

1. Convenience

2. Premade Community

3. Tailor-Made Experiences

4. Cost-Effectiveness

5. Improved Work-Life Balance

Let’s explore all the reasons, one by one. 

  • Convenience and flexibility

Convenience is one of the main reasons people choose coliving.

Coliving spaces are often set up with digital nomads in mind. They offer locations usually in central areas and are easily accessible, making them convenient for work, play, live, and explore.  

There is also direct access to public transportation, allowing you to shift work environment, explore the city, or meet new people. 

In addition, co-living spaces provide amenities, fully furnished rooms, and services that make life easier, such as Wi-Fi, laundry, cleaning services, etc. Some co-living areas are even located in coworking spaces or are built together so that you can kill two birds with one stone by coliving and coworking.

Finally, coliving spaces are often more flexible than traditional accommodation options, making them an excellent choice for digital nomads constantly on the move. Many co-living areas offer short-term or alternative city stays, so you're not tied down to one place for an extended period.

coliving for convenience
Coliving for convenience
  • Intentional Community and support network

When you're a digital nomad, it can be easy to end up living in your little bubble. 

Coliving spaces offer a sense of community that can be hard to find when you're constantly traveling. There is always a support network of like-minded people choosing to share a house who can help you with your career, offer advice and guidance, or just be there for moral support. 

A strong social circle is precious for digital nomads who might not have acquaintances in the places they're traveling. This can help alleviate some of the isolation of being in a new city on your own. 

One thing I love about coliving is that all the areas are often purposefully designed to encourage social interaction and collaboration, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to connect with people and make new friends- as long as you allow yourself to open up.  

There's always someone around to share moments, and there are also many community events where you can meet new people and network with others worldwide. 

Apart from that, coliving arrangements often come with built-in support networks, and this can be helpful if you're working on something big, want a career change, need some mentoring, or just need someone to talk to about your day. 

I was manifesting a mentor in my journal when I wanted a severe shift in my career - and out of the blue, communal living helped me find that person in my life so easily. The fact that we were sharing a coliving experience brought us particularly close - I think we wouldn't be that close if it weren't for that. 

coliving for community
Coliving for community
  • Tailor-made experiences

Coliving spaces can usually give you access to top-notch experiences, offering local activities and exciting happenings. 

The community managers are usually responsible and host events, parties, or workshops in which all members can participate. 

This is a great way to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and experience new things. At the same time, you interact with a community of like-minded individuals worldwide who share the same interests. 

Many coliving spaces also offer discounts to their communities for local events and activities. That's an intelligent way to reduce your costs and experience the best that the city has to offer while you're being introduced to new cultures. 

coliving experiences
Coliving experiences
  • Cost-effectiveness

Coliving is one of the most affordable living options and can help you save money on accommodation and other costs associated with travel. When I want to save money, I always look for coliving options instead of traditional housing, as the cost savings are significant. 


Coliving spaces are often shared, so you split the cost with other community members. However, although most coliving spaces offer common areas (like shared kitchens or workspace), they provide fully furnished private rooms.

Therefore, you can enjoy your private bedroom with an ensuite bathroom at a reduced price while you encounter other people living in the same space - unlike hostels, where you usually share rooms and bathrooms.

Sharing living expenses with others for long periods can help you save tons of money, especially if you're coliving in an expensive city.

Also, coliving typically includes amenities and services that would usually cost extra, such as Wi-Fi, dedicated working space, laundry, cleaning, meals, etc.

fully furnished spaces and adult dorms are effective ways for shared housing
Fully furnished spaces and adult dorms are effective ways for shared housing 
  • Improved work-life balance

There's no doubt that the digital nomad lifestyle has its perks. You can work from anywhere in the world, set your hours, and be your own boss - and that alone is a fantastic experience. But some challenges come along with this way of life.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a place to live that meets all of your needs. As mentioned above, digital nomads can sometimes feel isolated because they don't have the built-in social network that comes with a traditional 9-to-5 job. Or, more importantly, a family you can share dinners with and celebrate on special days. 

But when you're in a living space, you'll always have people around to socialize with - you belong in a "family" that will distract you from overworking and introduce you to new cultures, experiences, and ways of thinking. 

Coliving spaces are often designed to encourage social interaction; you'll have more opportunities to socialize and connect with other people and young professionals who telecommute. This can help you avoid burnout from working too much.

In addition, coliving spaces often have communal areas where you can take breaks from work and relax. This can help you find a healthy balance between work and play.

community and work life balance
Community and work life balance

The takeaway:

Coliving is an excellent option for digital nomads looking for convenience, community, cost-effectiveness, improved work-life balance, and tailor-made experiences. If you're looking for a place to call home on your next adventure, coliving might be the perfect option for you.

Check all our co-living accommodation options right here and find your next home with us. 

About the author:

Maria is a Greek girl passionate about traveling, self-development, and everything related to digital marketing. She has been moving around the world for the last four years and shares her thoughts & pieces of advice on personal growth, travel & remote working at triggeryourtrip.com.

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